Group Therapy

Anger Management

The purpose of this 12 Week Anger Management group is to:

• Learn to manage anger.

• Stop violence or the threat of violence.

• Develop and strengthen skills for self-control over thoughts and actions.

• Receive support and feedback from others. 

This group is appropriate for adults, both men and women.  

Group will be in person, and starts in September 2021.

Coping with Emotions for Adults

In life, there is rarely just one remedy to solve a problem. People are complex, and often, several strategies must be employed in order to combat a problem.

This 8 week group will help you to combat the effects of stress and to modify your lifestyle so you can improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

Group will be in person, and starts in September.

Character Building for Youth

This character building group for youth ages 11 - 14 years old will improved decision-making skills, promote a calmer and more confident disposition, increase interests in new passions to help them feel fulfilled.  

Activities will boost self-esteem and confidence, improve empathy towards others, and create a

greater self-awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions.

In person group will starting soon.

Breaking the Chains - Men's Group

This group provides opportunities for men to connect with each other  with the goal of deepening self-expression and moving through the sense of isolation some men can experience. Participants will enhance their personal strengths through building relationship skills, leadership skills, emotional awareness, self-esteem, general life skills and healing in a structured, safe therapeutic environment.

Starting in October.

Early Recovery Group

This Early Recovery Group will help you to develop strategies that supportt ongoing recovery from addiction, compulsive behaviors, and co-occurring mental health conditions.  You will learn relapse prevention skills, identify and replace old ineffective coping strategies and negative thought patterns with healthier alternatives that will support your on-going abstinence. 

Starting soon.

Relapse Prevention Group

This group equips you with healthy habits and coping mechanisms to manage cravings. We use a combination of CBT, mind-body relaxation, community outreach, and 12-step groups. Participating in this group can keep you on track. 

Starting Soon

Group Rates

Insurance may cover insurance.  Please check with your specific policy for details.